Title: Posicast pid control of oscillatory systems
Authors: Damir Vrancic , José Cunha , Paulo Oliveira , P. B. de Moura Oliveira
Abstract: Controlling oscillatory systems is a relevant problem due to the wide range of practical applications. This type of systems often requires small overshoot and the smallest settling response time. This design objective can be difficult to achieve, if it is conflicting with the disturbance rejection objective. A new technique is proposed here, based on a three-step Posicast input command shaping technique and proportional, integral and derivative control. The PID controller is tuned using a particle swarm optimization algorithm. Simulation experiments are presented, by using oscillatory systems with dynamics higher than second-order, with a complex pair of poles. This illustrates the potential of the proposed technique including possible extensions.
Publication date: 2012-07-16
Online entry date: 2013-05-08
Conference: CONTROLO’2012
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