Title: Distributed event-based observers for lti networked systems
Authors: Carlo Fischione , Dimos Dimarogonas , Francisco Rubio , Karl Johansson , Pablo Millan , Ubaldo Tiberi
Abstract: A novel event-based technique for distributed estimation over wireless sensor networks (WNSs) is presented. The methodology is based on local Luenberger-like observers in combination with a consensus strategy. The observer design problem is firstly solved via linear matrix inequalities by assuming periodic communication among the observers. A proof of asymptotic stability of the estimation errors is provided. Then, an event–based implementation is proposed to reduce both the traffic load in the network and the energy consumption of the nodes due to unnecessary transmissions. It is shown that Globally Ultimately Uniformly Boundedness (GUUB) of the estimation errors into an arbitrary small ultimate bound region can be achieved when using the event–based implementation.
Publication date: 2012-07-16
Online entry date: 2013-05-08
Conference: CONTROLO’2012
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